Story-Driven FPS ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Introduces New Playable Faction

Battlestate Games announced today that a new side faction, the Scavs, would be coming to upcoming MMOFPS Escape From Tarkov. Scavs are otherwise normal citizens who’ve turned to a life of thuggery and marauding after their city fell into chaos. Lacking any morals, the Scavs are mercenaries with little regard for the future – but perfect for teaming up with in gangs of up to four players, and engaging in substantial loot collection.

As a faction, Scavs don’t take sides but will fight to the death when it comes to protecting their own territory, or loot they’ve pillaged. Players typically select a side, USEC or BEAR, which are automatically hostile towards Scavs, but by choosing to join a Scav gang, players are given immunity and considered one of their kind.

A closed-beta for Escape From Tarkov is scheduled for the summer of 2017. Interested players can pre-order the alpha today at various reward tiers.